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Granville Falls, NC: a small town that exists only in my mind and the books I write. Granville Falls is home to a number of quirky characters and sexy cops - a combo ripe for romance, mystery and humor.

Besides the characters, I love small towns for their picturesque appearance. Granville Falls, as well as Blue Peak, the setting for two romances, are a combination of many towns I've visited over the years. To give you a taste of the places that have influenced my fictional settings, I've posted a few photographs of Hendersonville, NC, taken on a cool, windy winter's day below. I hope you enjoy the sampling.

While you're here, be sure to check out Katie Sheridan's blog - she offers handy home repair tips written in her own inimitable style.  And Mona, owner of The Chocolate Fix, posts easy-to-make recipes that will make dessert at your dinner party a success! I hope you'll enjoy reading their words.





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Ashantay Peters (that's me!) loves escaping into a well-written book. My reading addiction means I scan anything in print, including magazines, newspapers, Internet articles and even food labels. The last is often feebly excused as an attempt to maintain health, but my friends know the truth.

I live in the mountains of western North Carolina, a happy transplant from the much colder (and flatter) Midwest. No, I don't miss the snow or below zero temps, or the short and brutally humid summers. The museums and concerts are another story, though.

Please contact me via this website if you'd like to know more. I'll get back with you as soon as I come in from the yard or take a break from writing my next book.

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